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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Fm online for you here, not need to search anymore!

Yeah, I knew that so far you people looking for my fm online on the net but couldn’t get yet, but no need to search anymore now coz of you are at the place where you can listen My fm online “Jiyo dil Se” . Yeah, this is the formula to live with your heart.

Well, its not as heard to get live but you just need an internet connection with, after can listen your favorite fm channel My Fm online here this would be more helpful to interact with My fm lovers online! We Created my fm online just becoz of its lover, yeah we know the millons people love to listen My fm and It would be better that they can listen my fm while working at their offices on the pc and having a headphone, hey my idea were cool? Hmmm, probably your answer would be yes! Anyways, we would love to listen our listeners happy as well as there mind tooo, So listen my fm 94.3 all over India just remeber its address and listen wherever you go!

So here , I would not take so much time of yours and just wanna let you people know about this player , so if you do not updated your media player yet then must update your media player, otherwise your player doesn’t support and fm would not play and you would be unable to listen My fm online so make sure that your media player must be updated.

This was a little info, which may help you to fix the problem, otherwise listen your favorite my fm online here without any prb!

My Fm , Jiyo Dil Se!